Her Parenting Place

Parenting is an important role in many women's lives.  Moms wonder how to help their children while still taking care of themselves in the process. Dr. Jackson's parenting program with Her Nexx Chapter’s Virtual virtual  coaching provides parenting support to help women become aware of their individual identity, examine and strengthen their parenting roles and develop holistic parenting strategies. A bonus of this parenting coaching is it also provide Moms with access to a wealth of other resources available through HNC. Learn more about this program for Moms only and join here. While this program is only for women, dad who desire parenting support with Optimal Neuroholistic Services  can do so one on one here.

Nutrition Coaching

Holistic Nutrition Coaching

ONS nutrition coaching focuses  on nutrition for mental health. This coaching experiences is an on going coaching group where you will learn healthier habits to help you feel you best mentally and emotionally. Learn how food and other activities impact how you feel and how you can develop a more intentional relationship with what you eat and do. Individual nurtrition coaching is also available. Schedule an intake appointment to see if this group and/or individual nutrition coaching is a fit for you.